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Join   Our   men’s   Club


Sign up for our 2022 Men’s Club online. The membership includes access to a GHIN Handicap, Permanent Tee Times, Weekend Competitions, Weekly Skins, Monthly Tournaments and more! For more information on the Men’s Club please contact Joe Palmer via email at To sign up for the Men’s Club online, click the button below.


Thinking about joining? Already a member, but not sure what’s what? Here’s a list of some of the benefits of being a member. Check it out – it’s really a great men’s club, and here’s why:


  1. Getting your USGA handicap, which enables you to compete on a level playing field with golfers everywhere.   If you are coming from a different club, don’t worry, you keep your GHIN number.   And, in case you were wondering, yes, you can also belong to multiple clubs at the same time.

  2. The right to compete in our tournaments.  These include the club championship, senior club championship, handicap match play club championship, the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot, the Par 3 tournament, and six Field Days, some of which are individual, and some of which are team events.   What’s more, to accommodate our members, the Field Days are scheduled for the weekend – so you can choose to play on either Saturday or Sunday – you just need to decide before you go out.   The tournament prize money is supplemented by the men’s club, and prizes are paid in both gross and net, in multiple divisions – so everyone has a chance to win.

  3. The weekday and weekend competitions, for which there are signup sheets every day, on the counter in the pro shop.  There is a daily skin sheet, in two divisions:  one 0-13 handicap, another for 14 and up.    You pay two dollars, sign up, and have to play with another member.   There are also 4 different weekend competitions, with sign up sheets, which costs four dollars.  These are the Better 9 ( best nine holes front or back), 9 hole Eclectic (best 9 holes on the score card), Sub Par  (substitute your worst score for a par) and the Monthly Medal Qualifier (qualifies you for the monthly medal tournament in the fall).   Again, you must play with at least 1 other member.   Any questions, and the staff in the pro shop can help you get things figured out.  

  4. If you win prize money, the winnings go on your books at the course. Unlike at many clubs, the money doesn’t expire at the end of the year, and, what’s more, the money can not only be used for merchandise, but also for food and beverages, and even golf cart rentals. It’s a great deal!

  5. The ability to get a permanent weekend tee time for you and your group.  This is a marvelous benefit. There are conditions; if you are interested, check with the pro shop.  

  6. WEEKDAY MEN'S CLUB TEE TIME: all year long the course makes time for the men’s club to have drop-in play.   In the winter, it’s 9 am; in the summer, it’s 8:30 – check with the pro shop.   Some of the regulars have been playing since the club opened in 1967, and some of the guys play just about every day, so there’s always someone there to organize things, and there are tried-and-true games played within groups and between groups – it isn’t a lot of money, but it’s good fun. Lots of lower handicap players; a great way to meet other players if you have some time off during the week.  Another great benefit you won’t find everywhere.


Look forward to seeing you out there!  

Steve Goedecke

Snohomish Men’s Club President

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