Thank You For Playing

Tipped & Tucked 2019 sold out this year. Thank you for playing and battling through this epic event.

This is a tourney where you have to hit bombs and get accurate on the approach. We really tried our best to make this a perfect mix of fun and difficult 😈. Thank you to all the players this year. We hope it was a fantastic tourney for you. Thank you to a great team here at Snohomish Golf Course. Our Pro Shop, Maintenance, Restaurant, and Range Staff really put in the work for this event.

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2019 Tipped & Tucked Final Payouts:

Gross Winners

1st place               Himple/Bardwell                             68 (-4)                    $175 per player

2nd place (t)         Jackson/Coshow                            69 (-3)                   $87.50 per player

2nd place (t)        Simpson/Koga                   69 (-3)                   $87.50 per player

4th place              White/Cannon                                 70 (-2)                   $50 per player

Net Division 1 (under 5.5 handicap)

1st place              T. Parot/Faubert                              65                           $175 per player

2nd place             Kawachi/Reni                                66.5                        $100 per player

3rd place (t)         Younggren/B. Burlison                   68.5                        $62.50 per player

3rd place (t)        Nelson/Campbell             68.5                        $62.50 per player

Net Division 2 (5.5 – 11 handicap)

1st place              Largent/Lane                                 61.5                        $175 per player

2nd place (t)        T. Rogstad/McCausland                 63                          $87.50 per player

2nd place (t)      Brochu/Wickizer                            63 $87.50 per player

4th place             Dammann/Merrit                            64                          $50 per player

Net Division 3 (11.5+ handicap)

1st place              M. Rogstad/J. Williams                  54.5                        $175 per player

2nd place             Natale/Bengston                            59                           $100 per player

3rd place              Britton/Hildebrand                         59.5                        $75 per player

4th place              Shover/Cole                                  60                           $50 per player

Skins (payout is $88.00 per player skin)

#1 – O’Conner/Madison

#5 & 11 – Shover/Cole (2 skins)

#10 – Nelson Campbell

#16 – Younggren/B. Burlison

All winnings will be placed on “The Books” under your name at Snohomish Golf Course. Book money can be spent on anything except green-fees. Book money does not expire.

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