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Use Toptracer Range to enhance your game!

Toptracer Range features technology allowing you to use real-time data to enhance your golf game. In addition, Toptracer Range offers games suited for all ages and levels of experience, so you can enjoy new twists on a traditional day at the range.

Toptracer Range Features

  • Warm-up - Hone your skills in this comprehensive training mode that offers data like ball speed, distance, launch angle, height, landing angle, hang time, and distance to the target.

  • Points Game - Compete for points based on proximity to the target. The closer you get to the target, the more points you earn. Add ‘In Air’ bonus rings for an extra challenge.

  • Closest To Pin - The object of this classic game is simple: Hit it as close to the pin as possible. The player whose ball stops nearest the target wins.

  • Long Drive - Who can hit the farthest? This game lets you settle the debate once and for all by turning the range in a proper long-drive grid for up to eight players.

  • Toptracer 30 - Toptracer30 consists of 30 shots: nine tee shots (on par 4s and par 5s) and 21 approach shots (three shots from seven different 25-yard distance brackets).

  • Virtual Game - Try your hand at playing up to 18 holes on world-renowned courses from your local range.

  • My Practice - Dig deeper into the details for each type of club in the bag. Plus, connect with the Toptracer community app to store your stats over time.

  • Approach Challenge - Fine tune your iron play in this game of 9 approach shots on your choice of 3 legendary courses.

  • Go Fish! - Earn stars by catching rare fish from the depths of the ocean. Collect the different species in your aquarium, and if you are skilled enough you might even get a trophy catch!

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